Blaue Nacht Nuernberg | Nuremberg Blue Night

What’s going on in the neighborhood?

What’s happening at Melter and Nuremberg? Our calendar of events offers concerts, exhibitions, workshops and more. Whether cultural highlights or typical Franconian events, Nuremberg is full of variety. Welcome to Karl August, welcome to the neighborhood.

Sun 16 June
Stadtlauf Nuernberg | City Run Nuremberg

June 16

Sparkassen Metropol Marathon

Big marathon from Fürth to Nuremberg with a direct route through the Augustinerhof.


Photo @ Ralf Schedlbauer

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Fri 5 July
DTM Norisring Nuernberg | DTM Norisring Nuremberg

From July 5 - 7

DTM Norisring

The Norisring is often referred to as the “Franconian Monaco” due to its similarity to the Monte Carlo Formula 1 street circuit and its rich tradition. The first motorcycle race took place at the Zeppelinfeld in Nuremberg on May 18, 1947, followed by the first car race in 1948. Since 1972, the 2.2-kilometer track around the historic stone grandstand has been used. Despite its short lap length, the Norisring is challenging, featuring a sprint between the Grundig hairpin and Dutzendteich, with extreme braking maneuvers. The Schöller-S section is particularly notorious, with its close wall that every DTM driver has likely “kissed” at some point.

Picture @ Uwe Niklas

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Fri 26 July
Bardentreffen Nuernberg | Nuremberg Meeting of the Bards

From July 26 to 28

Bardentreffen Festival

Under the motto “Mediterranean Crossing,” the World Music Festival 2024 focuses on the diverse musical developments in the Mediterranean region, which connects Europe, Asia, and Africa. The stages in Nuremberg’s old town will showcase how various cultures around the Mediterranean have been shaped by mutual exchange. Topics include the origins of Flamenco, the influences of Arabic and Jewish music on the Iberian Peninsula, and parallels between North African Gnawa and Southern Italian Tarantella music. The festival also explores current trends in Greek Rembetiko and their impact on contemporary pop music. Guests include Marina Satti, Baiuca, Aeham Ahmad, Labess, Light in Babylon, Gaye Su Akyol, Sebastián Cruz, and the Crucchi Gang.

Picture @Uwe Niklas

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Fri 9 August
Brueckenfestival  Nuernberg | Nuremberg Brueckenfestival

From 9 - 10 August


The festival is free and open to everyone! The Brückenfestival offers various types of entertainment, primarily music but also other forms of pop culture. It lasts two days and is organized by the Brückenfestival e.V. In addition to the Brückenfestival, the association also organizes “Bierchen und Bühnchen,” a music event in pubs in Gostenhof, Himpfelshof, and surrounding areas, which took place on April 6 this year. The bridge festival is mainly financed by the sale of drinks, and all employees work on a voluntary basis.

Picture @ Christine Dierenbach

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Thu 10 October

Vom 10. bis 12. Oktober

Nürnberg Pop Festival

The Nuremberg Pop Festival is Southern Germany’s largest club and showcase festival. Concerts take place in various cultural venues such as churches, museums, clothing stores, record shops, rooftops, public spaces, and of course, in clubs and cultural centers as part of the festival. It’s where the music world and fans gather to exchange ideas and satisfy their thirst for good vibes and musical enjoyment. The accompanying Pop Conference offers a wide range of panel discussions, lectures, and workshops on the music industry and cultural aspects.

Picture @ Florian Trykowski

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Sat 19 October

From October 19. - 30.


For many years, NUEJAZZ has showcased exciting new and established acts from the international jazz scene. The festival highlights the genre-crossing richness of jazz, including rock, pop, electronic, and hip-hop, while also giving space to local artists. NUEJAZZ stands for an open, pluralistic society and reflects the constant evolution and diversity of jazz. Additionally, the festival emphasizes sustainability and diversity in its programming. The Neighborhood Hotels are active as co-sponsors of the festival.

Picture @ Uwe Niklas

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